Student Job Placement Opportunities

Are you in a Child and Youth Studies Program and need a place to do your work placement? Applying for education and need some hands on experience with children and youth? Or maybe you need some grass roots understanding for social work?

BGC Greater Halifax is a great place to learn and develop your skills!

At BGC Greater Halifax, you aren’t just an extra set of eyes and ears. We want you to learn and grow to become a person who can make a difference. We will sit down with you, set some goals and create a work plan to help you achieve everything you want in this experience.

Learn how to:

  • Build positive relationships
  • Set appropriate expectations and boundaries
  • Contribute to healthy child and youth development
  • Plan, implement and evaluate programs
  • Multitask, problem solve, and make decisions
  • Manage risks
  • Work on a team
  • Help children build skills and become self-disciplined

If you are interested in learning with us, please contact

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