Breakfast programs

Breakfast programs

The Clubs partners with many schools to provide a nutritious breakfast, free of charge, in a supportive and positive environment for students of the school. We provide breakfast and/or grab and go in the following schools:

Admiral Westphal Elementary School
Bicentennial School
Caledonia Junior High School
Dartmouth High School
Harbourview Elementary School
Ian Forsyth Elementary School
Shannon Park Elementary School

Kids skip breakfast at home for many reasons, but it is well known that children who arrive at school hungry, cannot learn to the best of their abilities. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. The program provides an opportunity for students to get a nutritious start to their days so they are prepared to get the most out of school. Many students enjoy the social time of having breakfast with their friends. The free program is open to any student, check with the school office for location, start date, time and permission form. The breakfast program is made possible by the generous support of many community organizations and foundations. Donations are always welcome from parents. Income tax receipts are available for donations made out to the Boys & Girls Club of East Dartmouth. Volunteers are needed for all the programs. The time commitment is 1 hour in the morning before school anywhere from one day a week to once a month. Please contact the Nutrition Coordinator Katherine Hodgson 435-3204 or 

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